Presidential candidate 404 pages, round 2 of 3 – folks who don’t have much of a chance

Continuing from my previous post, I pulled the 404 pages for 4 more of the Democratic nominees. This lot is challenged – they are polling so poorly and raised so little money that they didn’t make the first debate. However, “down” does not mean “out.” For those of you who have already written off (say) Steve Bullock, remember that history has shown us that there are MANY examples of upsets that could never have been predicted this early on…

  • Despite facing much higher profile adversaries than himself, getting stomped in Iowa then having his affair with Gennifer Flowers exposed, Bill Clinton he still went on to win in 1992
    • As an aside, just like Stormy Daniels is such a great pornstar name, Gennifer Flower is definitely a great “mistress name”
  • In 2008 Barack Obama stumbled in his early debate and didn’t seem capable of knocking Hillary Clinton off her status as the presumptive nominee and yet still ended up winning
  • And really… 3 years ago, Donald Trump riding down his gold escalator was the biggest joke of all – to think that he could knock off Jeb Bush was craziness at the time

Don’t get me wrong, these guys’ chances aren’t good, but it’s not zero. In any case, roughly in order their likeliness (IMHO), here are the 404 pages for the 4 candidates least likely to get the nomination:

Steve Bullock
I like this, it shows a lighter side of him while highlighting a rugged self-reliance.

Seth Moulton
Hah, animated GIF of Seth Rogan making silly faces. Nice touch, if you try a different bad links on the site, you get different Seths – Seth Meyers, not sure who this is – Seth… Curry?, some other guy presumably named Seth

Wayne Messam
While Wayne Messam does have a presence on the internet (via various social media and news outlets), he doesn’t seem to have an actual campaign website. I googled a few terms, “Wayne Messam”, “Wayne Messam for President”, “Wayne Messam for President website”… all gives me nothing. The closest I got was at the bottom of the Wayne Messam 2020 presidential campaign Wikipedia page, there is a link to his official website. Oops, that’s broken… guess his “404 page” is just the below broken link:

Eric Swalwell
Any finally, while Eric Swallwell did make the first round of debates, 2 week back (Jul 8) he ended his 92 day campaign becoming the 1st major candidate to drop out. Well, “1st” if you don’t count Richard Ojeda who dropped out in January after running for only 75 days and “major” if you can consider anyone this early in the process “major”.

Here is his 404… interesting touch to show the capital building and not the White House… or was that changed after he dropped out? Or am I over-analyzing again…?


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