Nisa’s Wonderful World of Art

This is my daughter Nisa’s page to showcase some of her art. She is 6 years old. Following is a sampling of some recent works. Will post more as we get it.










This is her cousin thinking about growing up being a guitar player:




That [first one] is this picture of outfits. These are fashion designs that I created. I made these thinking of what i would like. I am a big fan of Wonder Woman. The one with the green tail is the mermaid dress. The one with the orange cape is a Wonder Woman dress. The one with the blue top and yellow sleeves and red tights is a leotard. The one next to that is an everyday dress. The one next to that is a ball gown. I wear it for Bollywood dancing. The last one is Wonder Woman. I love Wonder Woman.


This is a butterfly at sunset. There is a girl whale under the sunset in the water. The butterfly is purple and the whale is dark blue.


Lego Kids Fest came to Austin last week. We ended up avoiding all of the activities, contests and games and just went from station to station building stuff. I decided that I had to stop building stuff after the first station because I was getting really into it and was turning in a bad person as I started knocking down 3 year olds for parts I wanted.

This is the biggest Lego house I have ever made. I won a good prize. I love this house so much! There is a pink carpet.

Super Lego House

From an Amazon free app of the day Nisa discovered one of the scourges of the Internet, Nyan Cat – the weird rainbow pooping, annoying music playing, flying pop-tart cat.

This app allows you to create your own Nyan cats. First you start with the face:
Nyan 1

Next, she likes cupcakes better than pop tarts (heathen!) so made a cupcake body.
Nyan 7

On the top of the small cupcake there is a “D”:
Nyan 5

The final cat is on a space background close to Earth. Not too close to Earth.

Nyan 4

Finally, here is the cat in flight:
Nyan 3


Second was a mouse…
Nyan 6

If you look closely on this one you will see cheese.

Nyan 2


  1. Mammaji

    My dearest Nisa
    I also love your Lego house. I was with you when you won a special prize for your house. We are very proud of you. Mammaji and pappaji


  2. Nisrin aunty

    Love love love all the paintings. Nisa is very prolific artist😍 My favorite paintings are the butterfly ones. They make me happy. Hope you keep it up. Uncle Abizer wants to look at them in greater detail before he posts his thoughts.


    • Mamu Mohammed

      Nisa we love your art work especially all diffrent kind of dresses.
      the best thing I like was the BEAUTIFUL GIRL with the Lego House.
      Mamu Mohammed & Mami Tassi


  3. Alefiya Goga

    Madam Mozelle Nisa… know I will always call you that!!
    You paintings are so imaginative and colorful. The one with the whale and butterfly is my favorrrrrite because it makes me realize that all things can come together and live in peace and harmony. Thank you for letting me see them. Enjoy yourself paining and creating, it’s one of the best feelings one can have when we are able to create.

    You are a talented little girl and Zainab looks forward to painting with you.
    Love Faijee Alefiya


  4. Abizer

    Hi Nisa, you should open a gallery!
    Your artwork is fantastic. I love your butterfly and the artwork with the numbers. You are so talented.
    Uncle Abizer


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