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Things that sound vaguely racist

Ok, been cleaning out my hard drive desperately trying to stay distracted until tomorrow’s ultimate presidential smack down of death, came across a slew of pics from various and sundry travels that I have been meaning to post.

While I am sure in their native language or culture they are entirely innocuous, the following four are all definitely borderline racist or at least just make me slightly uncomfortable.

Saw this one in Turkey – cookies for the black man called Negro
Negro cookies

Saw this one in Sweden – I am 100% certain you are not supposed to say Jap (or even Japp):
Japp candy bar

On that note, how are Nips still allowed to be sold as well?
Nips crackers

These last 2 are in San Antonio TX.

How do you ding? Ding how?
Ding How restaurant

Any finally, Porky’s?? Really? Do fat people really not get offended by this?
Porky's burgers

Cocktails for Candidates

From some random guy on Facebook:
cocktail menu

This made me smile, unlike most of the real news from this campaign.

And while I am quoting random people off the internet, I am reminded of a post from some random guy on Twitter that went something to the effect of: “Illegal immigration will actually increase under a Trump presidency, but then Canada would send all the Americans back.”

Seen on the train from Madrid to Cordoba

This bathroom sign cracks me up. Look I get that we’re on an internal journey in Spain and that signs in English shouldn’t be required – but to have every language *except* English just seems odd. Especially since every other sign in the country, if it’s not in Spanish only – it’s in Spanish and English… including another sigh in this same bathroom which explains the flush.

multi-lingual sign

More train signs

There’s something very disconcerting about this image. I just don’t trust this guy’s intentions and I sure as hell don’t want him anywhere near my child!

It actually strikes me as kind of like what a changing table for vampires would look like…

creepy changing table sign

Pro-littering rules???

I am sure I must be misunderstanding this but it looks like this sign says it is ok to throw bottles out the window:

weird sign on train

I wouldn’t have even commented except I saw this sign:

weird sign on train 2

on the way back from Berlin to Prague, which seems so say to not throw trash in the trash cans!

Located just outside Washington D.C. we have…

George Bush center for intelligence(!)
The George Bush center for *intelligence*? What can I say about such a place…??

And now presenting, the most unused building in Washington D.C…

…or should I say…

We have a big highway sign… *trust* us!

…or should I say…

The biggest failed government project ever.

…or should I say…

Where the sign on the front door says "why don’t you make like a tree and get out of here!"

…or should I say……

Back from the Olympics!

The Olympic flame at nightHey all, well Olympic mania has hit Salim’s World! I just got back from a week in the Salt Lake City where I saw a bunch of events and got some skiing in. This trip made me think about my previous trip to the Atlanta games, here are some thoughts and comparisons between the two

Here are some of the more humorous and bizarre images from Salt Lake…

The great thing is, you can’t fake stuff this strange…

Mormon protestors - 'Mormon Jesus is Devil's brother' and 'Mormons say Blacks are Cursed' Polygamy Porter - this is real beer, I'm not making this up!
South Weber City welcomes Ukranian National Team - seemed a little out of place in Utah

Gas Stations Redux

Kum & Go, Des Moines, IAPart 2 in the “sexual references in gas stations across America” series (see May 28, 2000 post). The great part about it was that these gas stations were scattered all over the Des Moines area!

(for those of you that live in the Bay Area, yes that really is a $1.17 for premium gas!)