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Things that sound vaguely racist

Ok, been cleaning out my hard drive desperately trying to stay distracted until tomorrow’s ultimate presidential smack down of death, came across a slew of pics from various and sundry travels that I have been meaning to post.

While I am sure in their native language or culture they are entirely innocuous, the following four are all definitely borderline racist or at least just make me slightly uncomfortable.

Saw this one in Turkey – cookies for the black man called Negro

Saw this one in Sweden – I am 100% certain you are not supposed to say Jap (or even Japp):
On that note, how are Nips still allowed to be sold as well?

These last 2 are in San Antonio TX.

How do you ding? Ding how?

Any finally, Porky’s?? Really? Do fat people really not get offended by this?