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Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, the greatest service *ever* is reborn

In the late ’90s, in the heady days of the dot-com boom, there was one service which promised to be lifechanging. promised to deliver anything in 1 hour (well anything they stocked). No more having to go out and brave bad weather, no more being stuck at the last minute when you need something. Laziness and sloth could prevail in a way never previously possible.
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Very Underwhelming!

Everything’s bigger in Texas, my ass! Is this what passes for severe weather here?? I’ve experienced *mild* versions of blizzards, monsoons, earthquakes and freezing rain that have caused more disruption than this… and I have experienced severe versions of the above have shut cities down! This sad little hurricane didn’t even keep us in the house at all.

Ike Watch Austin, landfall

Well, Ike made landfall in Galvaston at around midnight last night. The wind picked up periodically through the night and made some noise but no big deal. It has actually calmed down a fair bit here. Whenever the wind stills, a bunch of birds take off… fleeing Houston perhaps??

There is still no rain tho… I am looking forward to getting my lawn watered! The wind doesn’t help me at all!

Ike Watch Austin, T minus 1 day

Honestly I am wondering why people are freaking out so much about Ike. How strong can a hurricane remain 200 miles inland??

Doing some poking around, I found some maps at the National Weather Service. As you can see there is almost no chance of us experiencing hurricane force winds and only a 50% chance that we will hit a paltry 39 knot wind.

Anyways, we are almost 200 miles inland… this thing will almost definitely not have official hurricane status and have been downgraded to a tropical storm or angry drizzle or something like that by the time it hits us.

The WunderMap is one of the better maps I have seen, in part because you can actually see where the cities are.

The day before

Well the big presidential election is coming up tomorrow… I view this as a choice between 2 planks of wood – one candidate with the personality of a board of wood and one with the brainpower of a board of wood.