Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, the greatest service *ever* is reborn

In the late ’90s, in the heady days of the dot-com boom, there was one service which promised to be lifechanging. promised to deliver anything in 1 hour (well anything they stocked). No more having to go out and brave bad weather, no more being stuck at the last minute when you need something. Laziness and sloth could prevail in a way never previously possible.

To decrease their labor cost (and presumably make this viable), they created their own factory populated with robots and their android overlords. Problem was, that was really expensive to build as was holding that kind of inventory and like many other dot-coms of the day, selling ads on the site wasn’t going to save it and they folded.

Fast forward 14 years and Amazon has launched Amazon Prime Now. Similarly, you have to choose from a catalog of stuff to deliver from (which honestly seemed perfectly reasonable, I got baby wipes and Tylenol and cold medicine, perfect thing for when I was home alone taking a sick day!).

Where this differs from Kozmo:

  • $15 minimum order – considering the economics, some sort of minimum seems like a perfectly reasonable requirement. Don’t believe Kozmo had this
  • Kozmo had no delivery charges (well towards the end they instituted them as their hemorrhaging of money was more and more apparent). APN charges $8 for delivery in the next hour but is free for delivery in 1-3 hours (they call it a 2 hour delivery window, but that window always seems to start an hour out.)
  • “Only” delivers between 8am and midnight – oh well, the dream of getting 15 bottles of Gator aid and the Dictionary delivered at 3 in the morning must wait for another day.

For the lucky folks who live in NY, Miami, Baltimore, Dallas, Atlanta or Austin I encourage you to try out and support this amazing service. Need to show our support so this service lives on.

I may never leave the house again!

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