2015 Republican Presidential Primaries

Still working in getting rid of the scroll bars in the table…

This looks to be a fun year for presidential primaries. The Republicans have a full roster ranging from not-offensive to complete jackasses. I put the above table together to help keep this sorted and to force myself to stay caught up. It’s still a work in progress and will certainly be a live document.

I like to think of myself as open minded enough to vote for a worthy Republican but 20 years living in California and Canada with the pinko-communist-hippies has probably tainted that. Plus Hillary is a strong candidate so not just any jackass will do. I guess this exercise is just something to force me to take stock of the “other” side and not just seek out the affirming opinions that we naturally do.

May put together a Democratic one if it seems there is someone who can give Hillary a run for her money, but I have seen no sign of that so far.


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