Governor vs. Senator

Some more thoughts on the Republican Primaries….

I just noticed that almost everyone running for President is either a Governor or a Senator. There is also a Neuroscientist, former CEO and whatever the hell Donald Trump is (ok fine, he’s not really running… yet???). But that’s it. Does that strike anyone as odd? For the millions of things people can do in this country, there seem to be really only 2 real entrees into the presidency.

Going back into recent history (well as far back as I can recall from memory without looking anything up), it seems that being Governor is a huge advantage to winning the White House. Obama is the only President who was previously a Senator. W, Clinton, Reagan and Carter were all Governors. Bush Senior was director of the CIA and VP (and probably some other stuff) so I have no idea where to put him.

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  1. Daysia Richard

    All states in US elect their executive head called Governor. A Governor is equivalent to the President of the US being the head of the state just as President is the head of the country. There are thus 50 Governors in all, and they are heads of their states. Governor has a big role to play in his state as he has to power to control the affairs of his state. The responsibilities of governors are more or less similar to those of the President of the US, but only that Governors play their roles at the state level.
    Two representatives from each state become senators, and with 50 states in existence, there are at present 100 senators in the upper house called senate. All states, no matter what their size or population provide two senators to the senate.


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