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Trump Trading cards – a breakdown

By now, you are likely aware that Donald Trump, in a move that brings a new dignity to the man and will cement his place in history as a serious leader, made a “big announcement” that he sold a series of not-cringy “digital trading cards.”

The official site states there were 45 thousand cards for sale and showcases about a dozen of them. Curious as to what 45K images of Donald Trump would do to my brain, I took a look at the NFT resale marketplace OpenSea.io. The first thing you notice is that while there were 45K cards sold, in order to create scarcity there are definitely not 45K unique cards available (even tho, as we’ll see later, there could be). Secondly, the quality of these really was as bad as was reported – “lazy Photoshop of stock images” and “haphazardly edited” was very aproppo. This whole production essentially breaks down to a modern day version of paper dolls. All Trump had to do was contribute a handful of head shots and photoshop did the rest.

I am sure that the plummeting price of these is clearly a blip and these will assume their place in the pantheon of truly valuable collector’s items and good long term investment. As such, to help you find the Trump card that reflects your favorite incarnation of our former dear leader, I have prepared an overview of what is available. In 4 easy steps, presenting…

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Pop Quiz, they’re all children

Following are 2 conversations I have recently heard (one is loosely paraphrased, click on the quote to see the full context)… one was had between 60 year olds and one was between 6 year olds. Your goal is to determine which is which…

Conversation #1:

“I want to play with blocks”

Donald Trump: I want to build a wall


Nancy Pelosi: No

“Well, I’m going to take all my money and go home”

Donald Trump: I’m going to shut down the government if you don’t give me what I want

“Fine, go ahead”

Nancy Pelosi: Try me bitch

“I’m all alone, poor me”

Donald Trump:

“Yeah? And you can’t come to my birthday party”

Nancy Pelosi: Well, you can’t come to Congress to give the State of the Union

“Oh yeah?? Well, you can’t play with my airplanes”

Donald Trump: Well you can’t take military airplanes for your trip to Afghanistan


Conversation #2

“Play ‘life is fun'”

6 year old: Alexa, play Life is Fun

“I’m sorry, i don’t know ‘big white bun'”

Alexa (6 year old AI): “I’m sorry, i don’t know Big White Bun


Stop the madness!!!

Governor vs. Senator

Some more thoughts on the Republican Primaries….

I just noticed that almost everyone running for President is either a Governor or a Senator. There is also a Neuroscientist, former CEO and whatever the hell Donald Trump is (ok fine, he’s not really running… yet???). But that’s it. Does that strike anyone as odd? For the millions of things people can do in this country, there seem to be really only 2 real entrees into the presidency.

Going back into recent history (well as far back as I can recall from memory without looking anything up), it seems that being Governor is a huge advantage to winning the White House. Obama is the only President who was previously a Senator. W, Clinton, Reagan and Carter were all Governors. Bush Senior was director of the CIA and VP (and probably some other stuff) so I have no idea where to put him.