Pop Quiz, they’re all children

Following are 2 conversations I have recently heard (one is loosely paraphrased, click on the quote to see the full context)… one was had between 60 year olds and one was between 6 year olds. Your goal is to determine which is which…

Conversation #1:

“I want to play with blocks”

Donald Trump: I want to build a wall


Nancy Pelosi: No

“Well, I’m going to take all my money and go home”

Donald Trump: I’m going to shut down the government if you don’t give me what I want

“Fine, go ahead”

Nancy Pelosi: Try me bitch

“I’m all alone, poor me”

Donald Trump:

“Yeah? And you can’t come to my birthday party”

Nancy Pelosi: Well, you can’t come to Congress to give the State of the Union

“Oh yeah?? Well, you can’t play with my airplanes”

Donald Trump: Well you can’t take military airplanes for your trip to Afghanistan


Conversation #2

“Play ‘life is fun'”

6 year old: Alexa, play Life is Fun

“I’m sorry, i don’t know ‘big white bun'”

Alexa (6 year old AI): “I’m sorry, i don’t know Big White Bun


Stop the madness!!!

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