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WordPress, all the cool kids are using it

Despite my best efforts, the posting robot who has infiltrated my blogger account continues to make posts from hot chicks asking me out on dates, links to “private photos” and this persistent chick who has “got big boobs, and big butt… and know how to use them” (she does think i am cute tho… I think I may have a shot!). That combined with the fact that in the 3 years that has been down, blogger doesn’t seem to have changed/evolved at all. There are no new features or site capabilities and the templates are largely still ugly as sin.

Since I am pretty much starting over, I am going to move the site to WordPress. Once the DNS changes percolate, the next time you will see this is at our new hosting home!

I’m baaaaaaack! (said in creepy Poltergeist fashion)

Almost exactly 3 years ago I let my domain name lapse and this site fell off the Internet. In that time, it has suffered many indignities… the domain name was scooped up by some jackass who used it to hawk fake purses. Seriously, fake purses. Also, some blog post generating robot got access to my blogger account and made the site (the @blogspot version) a fine reference for penis enlargement, solutions to satisfy your woman, fake Rolexes and buying meds from Canada.

Guess the fake purse business wasn’t panning out because said jackass let his ownership of my domain lapse and was able to scoop it back up.

Think I have flushed out all of the existing auto-generated posts, but may have to take more drastic action if they still come. Oh well, on to the domain registrar to fix the DNS listings. Salim’s World will soon be back from the netherworld!

Yayy, I’m back! (did you miss me??)

It’s kind of crazy to think that Salim’s World turned 10 years old this year. Looking back on how the web, information access and computing in general has changed in this time is pretty mind blowing. The rise of social networking, video, Apple, broadband, mobile broadband, mobile in general etc etc etc have changed so much about how we live our lives… and you know what? Salim’s World itself has changed very little.

There is so much cool stuff that I have wanted to do with the site and since there is no way that I can keep up with the times, I am turning over the underpinnings for the site to Blogger. Am hoping that this will allow me to keep my same look and feel (or maybe not, probably time to change that too!) while taking advantage of the work that the good folks at Google do. Moreover, the main blog page was really the only one which was getting updated. Looking at the rest…

  • About Me – as the page stated, is years out of date… think blogger provides a standard way to publish this information now… or just find me on Facebook…
  • Pictures – pretty much all of our pictures end up on Mumtaz’s Facebook account
  • Family Tree – much of this work has moved to The web is now a far unfriendlier place than when I started this site. I have received many (quite justified) concerns of too much information shared along with the fact that the tree hasn’t been updated in forever and a day…
  • Khajanchi Wedding – sorry buddy, all good things must come to an end. Will try to find a better place to put this site but will probably have to deal with the fact that this site is no more
  • Guest Book – let’s be honest, this hasn’t worked in years… not missed
  • Misc – I actually had some pretty awesome pages here… will try to put them back up at some point

As these changes are being made, please disregard the broken links and general mess. I am doing this for you, my adoring, regular readers… you are still out there, right? Dammit, who let all these crickets in here? I can’t hear my adoring fans over that din of crickets! Wait, where did that tumbleweed come from… and is that a cobweb…?

The new look

Ok, as you can see, I have been working on a wholesale revamp of the main page of the site. The initial motivation was to use blogger as the publishing mechanism so I didn’t have to hand code HTML each time I wanted to make a new post.

However, I didn’t want this site take on that generic “blogger look,” so I have spent a fair amount of time bludgeoning blogger (say that 10 times fast) into emulating the look and feel of the original Salim’s World (we’ll call it Salim’s World Classic). Having to take a really close look made me realize that Salim’s World Classic well, kinds sucks. Sure it was passable in 2000 when the web was a much nerdier domain and engineers regularly designed web sites, but now the world has moved on and Salim’s World remains stuck in the time of hanging chads and Battlefield Earth. People look in pity as they drive past Salim’s World, the cool kids laugh at him behind his back, the jerks laugh at him to his face. He was in sore need of an overhaul.

Well, “Salim’s World Classic” is no more, today I roll out, “New Salim’s World.”

In the spirit of what I normally subject you to, instead of waiting another couple of weeks and rolling out the site when it is done, I’ll throw it out there and let you watch the annoying process of me tweaking it. The great thing is, blogger now give me commenting functionality so you can let me know what you think.

New look coming

Am working on a wholesale revamp of the main page. The initial motivation was to add a blogger front-end for me so I didn’t have to hand code HTML each time I wanted to make a new post. And while bludgeoning blogger into emulating my look and feel has been a challenge, it *has* make me realize that my current look kind of sucks and shouldn’t be emulated entirely, so I am trying to improve on it.

Should be done in another week or so (make that ‘month or so’ if it pushes into the holidays).

Big move

Started work today – am excited to once again be a productive member of society but it does kinda suck to have to once again deal with that whole “reality” thing.

And now that Salim’s World has moved to Texas, we are rockin’ a new look.

The last of the outages

Well, I have finally retired the sad little Windows 95 box that has been running this site for the last 5 years. After my DSL got knocked out (again!) two weeks back I have finally bit the bullet and moved the site to a real web hosting provider. Hopefully, the slow performance and massive downtime should be a thing of the past…