Infrastructure carnage

Well, we are more than halfway through the year, this of course means that I am long overdue for yet another DSL provider/ISP change. My history thus far:

DSL Provider:









(1) December 2000 – Less than a year into my service with them, Flashcom was unable to pay its bills to Northpoint (and probably everyone else) and was forced to shut down. Considering I was only billed intermittently during my time with them, this is not surprising. I was transferred with minimal pain and minimal service outage.

(2) June 2001 – This was a big one. Verizon backed out of its deal to acquire the struggling Northpoint Communications. Northpoint promptly files for bankruptcy. AT&T acquired Northpoint’s assets and decided that DSL was not part of its vision and cut off Northpoint’s DSL customers. We were told that we would be automatically migrated to Rhythms DSL. In response, Rhythms promptly filed for bankruptcy. After about a month or two of no service and no hope for any, I signed up with, apparently Covad’s largest ISP.

(3) August 2002 – Enabling my fourth DSL Provider/ISP combination in three years, has decided that it wants to concentrate more on web hosting and is jettisoning their DSL business. I am promised a seamless transition with minimal outage. I remain hopeful.

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