About me

It’s me, Salim, Salim Tyabji… Technology connoisseur… Marketing professional… Family guy. I enjoy travel, skiing and geeking out with whoever will humor me.

billI was born in ’73 which makes me about a hundred years old as far as my kids are concerned. I live in Austin, Texas with my amazing wife Mumtaz and 2 little people – a super sweet 7 year old girl and a super active, super happy, not so sweet 3 year old boy.

I used to be a pretty interesting active person – I skiid, rode my bike and read avidly. Then I had these kids. Now my weekends are spent at birthday parties and cleaning spilled mango juice. I had always enjoyed travel and we still travel extensively as a family although we’ve scaled back a little this year – it seems an increasing number of places we have visited are experiencing coups, bombings, and assassinations – I’m not saying we’re responsible, just that we realize that we are probably pushing our luck.

Having spent 20+ years in California, I sit pretty far to the left politically although I have been drifting rightward as I get older. Quite frankly, the extreme left is starting to annoy me as much as the extreme right (almost). As far as I can see, this is where I sit on the political spectrum:


I am big technology nerd. I have been out of the trenches for long enough where I am pretty sure that my super-dork credentials have expired but I still enjoy playing with new gadgets and keeping up with the new and cool in the tech industry. As my nerd status goes, let me clarify where I stand on the issues of real importance:

Mac vs. PC PC
Android vs. iOS Android
Star Wars vs. Star Trek Star Wars
Shatner: Great or Super Great? Duh, Super Great
Best Doctor I’ve only really seen 3 of them and David Tenant is the best by a long shot
C++ vs. Java C++. Real men collect their own garbage
Did Han shoot first Obviously
Best superman Christopher Reeves
Gif or Jif? (hard G or soft G) It’s JIF and I will jam this 256 color pencil in your eye if you say otherwise

If you disagree with me on any of these you are wrong and a bad person and will most assuredly spend the the afterlife in purgatory.

Linked In – https://www.linkedin.com/in/salimtyabji
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/salimt

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