In the beginning, Salim’s World was without form. And Salim said, let there be site, and there was a site… and it was good

Big Fish (Atlanta Fish Market)In the course of constructing this site I went through many different purposes it could serve and eliminated most of them. I am not expert enough in any one area to start a reference site for anything and generally don’t have enough free time to start a fan site. I was thinking of hosting online games, but I bought this computer in 1996 and am not capable of running any software that was created in the last year. I don’t know enough people to run a chat server and because of hardware limitations (and access to the materials) I can’t run a porn server!

So, in the end, I settled this site being a place to express myself and provide a place for people to come by, amuse themselves, engage in conversation and generally blow off a little steam. I hope you enjoy yourself.

I took most of these pictures on this site during my brief stay in Atlanta. Compared to the rest of the US, the South is a different world! Anyways, none of the pictures on this site were fabricated or doctored in any way and most of them come from or around Atlanta, GA and Columbia, SC.

If you have any suggestions for this site, any content that you think would be neat to see, anything that is cool, let me know.

No snakes, no dogs allowed

Scary facts:

  • Go to Infoseek and do a search for salim tyabji. Look at the second link to find one of the groups that the Disney corporation thinks I run
  • None of the pictures on this page were fabricated, they are all real… there really is a bar in San Francisco “where good friends and girls meet”, there really is a store called Piggly Wiggly, the flea markets in South Carolina really feel it necessary to ban snakes and Bubba really looks like that (at least in Vegas he did).

My pal Bubba:
My pal Bubba


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