Yayy, I’m back! (did you miss me??)

It’s kind of crazy to think that Salim’s World turned 10 years old this year. Looking back on how the web, information access and computing in general has changed in this time is pretty mind blowing. The rise of social networking, video, Apple, broadband, mobile broadband, mobile in general etc etc etc have changed so much about how we live our lives… and you know what? Salim’s World itself has changed very little.

There is so much cool stuff that I have wanted to do with the site and since there is no way that I can keep up with the times, I am turning over the underpinnings for the site to Blogger. Am hoping that this will allow me to keep my same look and feel (or maybe not, probably time to change that too!) while taking advantage of the work that the good folks at Google do. Moreover, the main blog page was really the only one which was getting updated. Looking at the rest…

  • About Me – as the page stated, is years out of date… think blogger provides a standard way to publish this information now… or just find me on Facebook…
  • Pictures – pretty much all of our pictures end up on Mumtaz’s Facebook account
  • Family Tree – much of this work has moved to Geni.com. The web is now a far unfriendlier place than when I started this site. I have received many (quite justified) concerns of too much information shared along with the fact that the tree hasn’t been updated in forever and a day…
  • Khajanchi Wedding – sorry buddy, all good things must come to an end. Will try to find a better place to put this site but will probably have to deal with the fact that this site is no more
  • Guest Book – let’s be honest, this hasn’t worked in years… not missed
  • Misc – I actually had some pretty awesome pages here… will try to put them back up at some point

As these changes are being made, please disregard the broken links and general mess. I am doing this for you, my adoring, regular readers… you are still out there, right? Dammit, who let all these crickets in here? I can’t hear my adoring fans over that din of crickets! Wait, where did that tumbleweed come from… and is that a cobweb…?

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