I’m baaaaaaack! (said in creepy Poltergeist fashion)

Almost exactly 3 years ago I let my SalimsWorld.com domain name lapse and this site fell off the Internet. In that time, it has suffered many indignities… the domain name was scooped up by some jackass who used it to hawk fake purses. Seriously, fake purses. Also, some blog post generating robot got access to my blogger account and made the site (the @blogspot version) a fine reference for penis enlargement, solutions to satisfy your woman, fake Rolexes and buying meds from Canada.

Guess the fake purse business wasn’t panning out because said jackass let his ownership of my domain lapse and was able to scoop it back up.

Think I have flushed out all of the existing auto-generated posts, but may have to take more drastic action if they still come. Oh well, on to the domain registrar to fix the DNS listings. Salim’s World will soon be back from the netherworld!

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