The new look

Ok, as you can see, I have been working on a wholesale revamp of the main page of the site. The initial motivation was to use blogger as the publishing mechanism so I didn’t have to hand code HTML each time I wanted to make a new post.

However, I didn’t want this site take on that generic “blogger look,” so I have spent a fair amount of time bludgeoning blogger (say that 10 times fast) into emulating the look and feel of the original Salim’s World (we’ll call it Salim’s World Classic). Having to take a really close look made me realize that Salim’s World Classic well, kinds sucks. Sure it was passable in 2000 when the web was a much nerdier domain and engineers regularly designed web sites, but now the world has moved on and Salim’s World remains stuck in the time of hanging chads and Battlefield Earth. People look in pity as they drive past Salim’s World, the cool kids laugh at him behind his back, the jerks laugh at him to his face. He was in sore need of an overhaul.

Well, “Salim’s World Classic” is no more, today I roll out, “New Salim’s World.”

In the spirit of what I normally subject you to, instead of waiting another couple of weeks and rolling out the site when it is done, I’ll throw it out there and let you watch the annoying process of me tweaking it. The great thing is, blogger now give me commenting functionality so you can let me know what you think.

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