Thoughts on the presidential primary debates

I recorded the Democrat’s debate at UNLV a couple of weeks back and the Republican’s debate in Iowa a couple of days back and finally got around to watching them both.

There is no doubt in my mind that Joe Biden is my lead candidate. Unlike all the other Democrats he was direct, honest, took a position and god forbid, answered the question asked.

My view of Hillary/Obama (Hillabama? Clintarak?) has sunk to a new low. All they did was dance. Not only did they refuse to answer most questions, they would not take a position on anything, and they tried to be all things to all people. Grow a goddamn backbone and tell me WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR?? Not having the balls to take a position on the debate floor leaves me worried what will happen when they have to make these decisions for *real*.

I don’t want to blame the candidates entirely because the moderator *was* pretty bad, but *MAN* the Republicans are boring people! I am less familiar with their lineup, but I had some distinct impressions coming out of it. Mitt came off much the same way that Edwards comes off – too slick for his own good. My lead man McCain didn’t impress me that much but I had a good impression of Mike Huckaby.

You do have to wonder what Dennis Kuinich and Alan Keyes were doing there. Both were summarily ignored for most of the questions and both were (understandably) visibly irritated by the end.

I have been paying closer attention to the Republican side lately because I am soo disillusioned with the poor selection on the Democratic side. In the very likely case that Biden does not win the nomination, I really have NO IDEA who I will vote for…

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