Presidential candidate 404 pages, round 3 of 3

Continued from rounds 1 and 2 of my review of the 404 pages for the candidates for president (you know, the aspects of this race that really matter)… here is the rest of the bunch.

Marianne Williamson

Again, we start this exercise on a boring note. No effort taken whatsoever.

John Hickenlooper
This feels like another reference that I don’t get… or maybe not, maybe it is just a call out to people old enough to remember owning this car…

Andrew Yang
This would definitely be called racist if it didn’t come from an Asian guy.

Pete Buttigieg
I think he was trying to be funny, but not confident enough to really commit to it. See Kamala Harris 3 ahead to see this done well.

Joe Biden
Nicely done, this page feels perfectly on brand for Biden – it’s casual (yet still wearing a damn tie (I’m looking at you Andrew Yang!)), show’s he’s a guy you want to hang out with and has a train reference.

Bernie Sanders
Love this page. Shows a strong self awareness, and revels in celebrating it.

Kamala Harris
Another great self deprecating animated gif.

She has to be careful tho… misspelling her name slightly ( gets you to a weirdo page.

Kirsten Gillibrand
Going for the “person you want to have a beer with” look. Little on the nose, IMHO.

Michael Bennet
Different strategy from the rest, no jokes here just a “slice of life” about what makes him tick, I like it. Little out of season tho.

I do want to mention Wayne Messam for no reason whatsoever as well – I feel bad for the guy, he needs the airtime.

And I want to close out with the guy who I respect the most in this race, the one with the biggest balls of anyone, the sole Republican to go up against Donald Trump in the primaries…

Bill Weld

“Small balls,” not found indeed!

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