Presidential candidate 404 pages

I was looking at the website for the clown leading this country when I hit a broken link and brought up the site’s 404 page (you know, the page that a web server generates when a user attempts to follow a broken/dead link).

Hah. “You’re looking for something that doesn’t exist” followed by a picture of a smiling President Hillary Clinton.

The page is actually brilliant. No matter who looks at it will get riled up in the exact way he wants them to – his supporters, disappointed at the fact that they are a broken link, will chuckle, “Hah! Yeah, that’s right, we show’d her!” Everyone else (myself included) will wring their hands “Why does he keep on bringing up Hillary? Can’t he just move on??” Both of us are then offered a chance to view more of Trump’s glory or give him money.

In any case, I thought it would be interesting to check out the 404 pages for the other presidential candidates. Let’s start with those who were at night 1 of the debate.

Bill de Blasio
This was a very disappointing start to this exercise. This was basically the a generic error page using the same template of the rest of the site. No imagination.

Tim Ryan
Ok, I take it back, it can get worse. Not only does Tim Ryan use a generic page, there is a broken background image link. No imagination or attention to detail.

Julián Castro
Meh, pretty boring too, can’t believe Trump is the most imaginative of this lot so far.

Tulsi Gabbard
You’ve got to be kidding me, these are terrible

Cory Booker
Finally, someone who took the time to create a customized 404 page. I can respect a guy who is able to poke fun at himself.

Elizabeth Warren
Hah, a link to YouTube of a Saturday Night Live sketch parodying her. She just one upped Cory Booker for being able to poke fun at themselves.

Beto O’Rourke
Nice, an animated GIF of Beto applying a Beto sticker to a car. Cute and helps sell stickers.

Amy Klobuchar
I don’t know what this means. Google tells me that “Uff Da” is sort of a Norwegian “D’oh!”

Jay Inslee
Interesting, a surfing bear. It’s fun, it’s quirky… oh hey, it was drawn by Jay, he’s fun and quirky.

John Delaney
Hmmm, generic song lyrics. I have no idea what song this is. Great job in confusing a potential supporter.


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