Weird Dell News

You don’t get many companies that have built their reputations on being more boring, stodgy and generic than Dell (granted they *are* working on it!) and given that, I have to say that it’s been a weird couple of weeks in Dell news…

  1. Dell dropping AMD from their line – this was a fun one… it evolved from: Dell dropping all AMD -> Dell dropping AMD online but available in retail -> Dell dropping AMD from just the consumer line -> Dell not dropping AMD from anything. Looking forward to see how this one ends up! 🙂
  2. Dell laptops will electrically shock you. What pisses me off about this story is that while there are many incidents of this happening to other systems, all of the press is positioned around Dell (just like the exploding battery story two summers back). Read the comments in the above CNET link and in the following Slashdot article, there are tons of references of this happening to Apple, Toshiba, Gateway and Sony systems as well.

    What cracks me up is that HP is being a snarky bastard about it, even though they’re implicated as well.

  3. Dell is going to buy Motorola’s handset unit. This blew me away as to how much airtime this story got, and from respectable news sources. Dell deals with PC suppliers and has optimized a relationship and process around that, they don’t develop their own crappy OS (they use… never mind, too easy 🙂 and software – this is a new world for them! They has no experience dealing with carriers and no knowledge of the telecom market. And honestly, even if they had all of those things, they sure as hell wouldn’t want to enter the space with a dog like this one (who would??).
  4. Dell to build the next GPhone. While this at least makes a *little* sense, they still have minimal experience dealing with the cellular industry and anything that they would sell would (I imagine) be contracted out to some Chinese design house that would result in a “me-too” product. Given where they are trying to take their product line with genuinely innovative products (the new XPS laptops, Crystal monitor, XT tablet) I just can’t see this as ever happening.
  5. And finally, and most bizarrely… Dell has now started supporting Scientology. They are supposedly distributing the Scientology text The Way To Happiness all over Africa.

    Granted if you listen to the YouTube video (Dell reference is in the last 2 minutes), the guy uses pretty vague language that would never stand up in a court of law, but the implication is loud and clear.

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