Total waste of my time

I just watched the Hillary/Obama debate in Austin (well technically, a recording of the rebroadcast of the debate 🙂 and I can safely say it was a total waste of my time. Earlier, when I eyeballed their positions on the issues, they were identical. It felt like the two are clones of each other and it shouldn’t matter which gets the nomination. Given that, I was looking to the debate to find out what some of their differences are. All I learned was that, on *EVERY* issue, they agree with each other and that it’s all really George Bush’s fault.

I will say, Hillary is growing on me, she generally sounds like she knows what the hell she is talking about. While Obama’s lack of experience did shine through (especially compared to Hillary) the idea that we need a fresh, optimistic face in Washington is growing on me as well.

Following are two SNL sketches from the Bush-Gore debates which show that the more things change, the more they stay the same – Bush-Gore debate 2 spoof (2:50, 2.6MB) and Bush-Gore debate 3 spoof (7:02, 4.83MB).

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