New Years in the Eastern Hemisphere

Me, my brother and our respective wives spent New Years in the Eastern Hemisphere – Abizer & Alifiya in Chennai and Mumtaz & I in Dubai. Both of us ended up getting caught in massive traffic jams from hell. It took over 2 hours for the stinkin’ cab to even get to our hotel and in both our cases, we ended up spending New Years in the car – what should have been a 10 minute commute took us both 1.5+ hours.

But what we found really interesting was watching the thousands of people out on the road – in *both* cases, they were ALL men!?!?! All we saw were drunken hoards of roaming men, with no women to be seen anywhere.

Now Abizer and Alifiya were shocked and appalled (“WTF??” was Abizer’s exact quote as I recall, Alifiya referred to this experience as the “Gay Parade!”), however, I was much more understanding. After all, what business does a woman have outside the home, drinking and carousing in the middle of the night no less? She should be home cooking, cleaning and caring for the 8+ children that she has sired for her husband! Anything additional is just not appropriate.

Mumtaz was in total agreement (Hey, I can dream, can’t I??).

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