First Democratic debate – thoughts

Is it me or does Bernie Sanders looks like a leprechaun?

Overall, it felt that these 5 spent most of the time arguing, when in fact they were in violent agreement. I will say tho, unlike both of the Republican debates, it felt like adults debating. There was no name calling, bullying or other childish behavior. It was a substantive, if one-sided, vetting of all the issues.

The “second tier” candidates got their moment in the sun. This was my first introduction to the lot of them:

  • Lincoln Chafee (former RI governor) reminded me of the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. As a former Republican, it was surprising that he wasn’t the most right wing guy out there
  • Martin O’Malley (former MD governor), reminded me of a smiling Kevin Spacey
  • Jim Webb (former VA senator) – I’m going to call him Square Head for the remaining 15 minutes he is going to be in this race. He was our right winger of the bunch

From Square Head’s perspective, I get that it is frustrating to actually be on stage and yet get so little airtime but seriously, his share of Democrat voters is less than a third of climate change deniers. We don’t give the climate change deniers equal airtime, why would SH get the same?

The gap for all three of these guys was actually shocking to me – all three of them combined would still lose to Biden, a man who isn’t even running, by a factor of 10.

Looking at the 2 leaders, Bernie was passionate, and clearly speaks from the heart. I really do want to support him, but the line best which sums up why I can’t make the leap was Hillary’s, “I’m a progressive, but I’m a progressive who likes to get things done.” Bernie is just too far out there on too many issues to ever feel like he could win in a general election or even if he did, be able to accomplish his idealistic, far left agenda in today’s environment.

That being said, Hillary had several moments which just pissed me off:

  • Early on she said she was going to be someone who will bring everyone together yet at the end she stated that she was the most proud of making Republicans as enemies
  • Dammit, stop smiling at everything
  • She said, something to the effect of “I went to the wall street companies and said, ‘cut it out'”… oooohh, tough talk from Hillary
  • Hillary the robot 🙂

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