Republican Debate #2 – thoughts

On Obstructionism
One of my biggest frustrations with the Republican mentality is that pure obstructionism is somehow a reasonable way to govern. Getting rid of Obamacare is not the way to fix the state of healthcare in this country. That’s fine if you want to “repeal and replace” but dammit, you have to “replace” it with something. Simply going back to the previous status quo is NOT an acceptable answer. I am fine if you don’t agree with something, but you have to at least move the conversation forward.

Similarly, saying “I would tear up the Iran agreement” is not a strategy. I have heard no alternatives as to what they would prefer. Apparently life before Obama was perfect in all ways and we should make sure our policies match this ideal time in all ways possible.

Being a Bully
Donald Trump is a bully, this is not news. However, what really surprises me is how successful he is at it. It is amazing that people tip toe around him so much so as not to put themselves in his cross hairs. There were two exchanges which just made me embarrassed to watch:

  1. When asked what Secret Service nickname you would choose, J.E.B. joked “Eveready, it’s very high energy Donald.” Why would he favorably acknowledge the abuse he has received at the hands of this man. This didn’t defuse anything and just made him seem desperate for acceptance.
  2. Carson got handed a question on vaccines which he should have been able take and slap Trump silly with. Instead, for some reason, he gives Trump the nod that “we are probably giving too many vaccines in too short a time.” There was no reason to say that – by his previous statement (“there is no link between vaccines and autism”), it isn’t true, yet this got him a pat on the back from Trump, which I imagine was the point.

Carly was impressive, unlike the above kowtowers, she went toe to toe with Trump, had clearly thought through the issues and didn’t speak in vague generalities. Her plan wasn’t “I’m going to talk to Putin because I get along with people” but rather a point by point list of specific actions that she would take.

And maaaan. Carly’s “I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said” was the biggest debate bitch slap since Lloyd Bentson told Dan Quayle “You sir are no Jack Kennedy

The Cuban Matt Damon substantially improved his debate performance – he was confident, decisive and knowledgeable. However, he still didn’t strike me as presidential. It was more the impression of a lecturing college professor than president of the country.

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