LG G Watch R – Day 6

Some more thoughts:

  • The apps aren’t as useless as they are on the Pebble. Still waiting for some truly compelling functionality though.
  • Navigating a device on a screen that small isn’t easy and it seems Google wants to simply that process by making it voice-centric. Thing is, don’t know if I am in the minority, but I just feel like a huge dork talking into my wrist. Unless I am alone in the car or perhaps at home with my 5 year old (who gets a huge kick out of me talking to my gadgets) I am just NOT going to do this. That being said, there are some really good third party launchers available in the app store which address a lot of this issue. I am actually impressed at how quickly something this polished is in the Play Store.
  • The general difficulty in launching apps combined with the limited screen real estate for usable interfaces confirms my thoughts that watches are not going to be good for much more than notifications as the primary value-add. Am sure this will change as the market matures and app developers come up with novel ways of interacting, but in the near term, this is not something likely to change fundamentally.
  • The watch looks good indoors but it’s just too damn cold for me to go outside and see how it looks in full sunlight. Am curious about this.
  • One really big win this watch has over my Pebble is that in addition to telling me who is calling, it allows me to very easily send a SMS reply instead of answering. I can’t figure out how to customize the messages though. It seems like it should take the auto-messages which I customized on my phone but it doesn’t.
  • This brings me to (what seems to be a continuing series), notification hell – oh my god, how many times is it going to tell me the damn weather?? Seriously, it seems to flash me the weather cards every hour! And I’m in Austin, I don’t give a damn what the weather in Round Rock is (or vice versa). Seems like it should be a pretty fix to only show me the weather in the location I am in. On the phone, showing me both all the time is fine as I can easily see and easily scroll past it. Here I have individually swipe each away… constantly. On the phone you can easily scan the small icons at the top to know what new notifications you need to pay attention to, here the card on top peeks out, dying to be selected. You can’t ignore it!

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