LG G Watch R – Day 5

Ok, I definitely slept through the alarm. The vibrate is really weak! So much so that this almost feels like a show stopper for me. The Pebble had an alarm which could wake the dead. I liked being able to set an alarm that wouldn’t bother the wife or 2 year old.

It’s interesting how the watch is able to maintain the claim of “all day battery” and “always on display”. While there are many good looking, slick and shiny watch faces, it goes into a simplified (largely) black and white version of said face most of the time. Only when you touch the face (or supposedly lift it up to look at it – this worked marginally well and was slow when it did) did it give you the full color version. So the net effect is, most of the time you are looking at a monochrome display. While the resolution of the display is obviously better than the Pebble, the overall effect is actually not that much better.

It does charge quickly tho, I can go from 0 to 75% in maybe half an hour.

Notification Hell

Ok, these notifications are getting really annoying. Google Now on the phone works really well because you can easily scan many cards quickly and zero in on the important one with relatively little effort. It is a very cool effect delivering you very important/relevant information quickly. Not so much on the watch. There is no easy scanning of multiple notifications quickly, you have to scroll through and swipe away each one separately. This is damn annoying. One of the the key things I liked about my Pebble was that it was strategic to not overwhelm and only show notifications which were actually important (not sure if this was intentional or unintentional due to limited app/OS support – in any case, it was good).

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