More odd news from around the world

2 articles from the July 21st issue of the China Daily:

  1. A special training course requiring its male participants to wear only underpants and females underpants and bras as they walk in public is sparking controversy among locals in the city of Huizhou, Guangdong Province. The trainers said the goal is to get participants, especially young people, to be gutsier and improve their teamwork. But many local residents argued that the special training insulted the participants.
  2. True love: A motorist threatened to kill himself in front of his girlfriend by lying on a road. Fortunately, the first vehicle passing the spot was an ambulance. The 27 year old man, surnamed Chan, was driving his girlfriend home at about 2:40am on Sunday. A quarrel led to the girlfriend’s declaring she wanted to break up with him. Agitated, Chan stopped the car on a road in Mid-Level, Hong Kong. He lay on the road, ignoring his girlfriend’s pleas. The driver of a passing ambulance thought there had been an accident and got out to help. Police arrived at the scene and made Chan leave.
    • It is not known whether Chan and his girlfriend went home alone or separately…

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