What’s in a name?

Here is a news report seen by Hatim while in Australia (of all places):

Fjuckby residents told unfortunate name to stay

Embarassed residents of the hamlet in central Sweden have been told they can not change the spelling of its name, despite years of ridicule. While it is not hard to spot the english sounding expletive in Fjuckby, to the regret of many fed up villagers there, it also contains a Swedish swear word which means roughly the same thing.

All the people of Fjuckby wanted to do was add and ”e” and call the place Fjuckeby instead, but the Institute for Language and Folklore has refused to put a stop to the teasing. It says only 15 of the 50 villagers were so weary of the jokes they wanted to change the name, and that is not enough. Source.

The punch lines that people from across the net have come up with are hilarious…

  • If Fjuckby gets its way it is conceivable that Anusviken, Arslet and Dicken may be next in line for a swift reversal of misfortune. Source.
  • Suddenly the fashion house FCUK doesn’t seem so clever. Source.
  • The journalist wonders what will happen if they succeed: what about the inhabitants of “Bögholmen” (Bugger’s Island), “Brittas Hål” (Britta’s Hole) and “Snålkuk” (Stingy Cock). Can’t they, too, complain that their names provoke “mirth, derision, and ridicule” among strangers, as the eleven upright men of Fjuckby have done? Source.
  • The government office responsible for handling the matter suggests their chances, however, are not so good: town names are rarely changed in Sweden. They did change the name of Krakanger in the 1950s: fair enough, too, as the name translates to mean “vomit regret.” A real “morning after” town. Source.
  • Should “What the Juck?” be the catch phrase for 2007? Source.
  • We don’t think this news will be well received in the Austrian village of Fucking. In 2004, the residents voted defiantly to keep their name, despite carloads of sniggering Brits nicking their roadsigns. Source.

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