Is *this* the future of internet TV??

Some things I have learned after playing around on YouTube for a bit:

  • It’s amazing how many ways there to create an explosive force… what I have found so far includes water pressure, air pressure, dry ice+water, menthos+diet coke, a beer cannon and of course using actual explosives…
    • A related category is how many ways there are to have fun with fireworks… bottle rockets and firecrackers in particular
  • MySpace is a strange place indeed… I am clearly not in the target demographic…
  • Ann Coulter is certifiably insane. I mean seriously unbalanced. Wacko. Batty. Cuckoo.

    Ok I’ll be honest, I don’t actually think that she believes the things she says, I think she puts on a persona and is really good in acting it out. But don’t get me wrong, it is the persona of someone who is totally flipped out. Haywire. Deranged. Lost all touch with reality!

  • How the hell is this site supposed to stay in business?? This site feels *soo* 1999 – plenty of eyeballs/hype but no way to monetize. Note, I do not consider any business model that revolves around Paris Hilton to be a good idea.

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