Rip his leg off and beat him with the bloody stump!

I just got back from today’s Stanford football game… maan we suck!! I began wondering, is it too much to ask to live in a place where I can feel hopeful rooting for the home team???

Reviewing my life from a football point of view, is really quite sad… I did my undergrad at Tufts University – Tufts football is not only a division 3 team but a bad division 3 team. Then I moved to San Francisco, several years too late to enjoy the Montana/Young dynasty but just in time to enjoy the 49ers sucking it up for the the next 10 years. And lest I forget the year I spent in Canada – three words about that… Canadian Football League – ’nuff said! Now I am at Stanford where the biggest cheers I heard from the crowd was for the lousy field goal we scored near half time (and towards the end of the game, the visitors cheers were beginning to drown out ours!).

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