Salim vs His Freezer II: The Revenge

Before defrosting
Before the defrosting battle – note the pot pie that is embedded into the *CEILING* of the freezer!
Defrosting 1
The steamer is just warming up…
Defrosting 2
*Now* we’re talking!
After defrosting
After I prevailed!
Exactly 30 years ago, in the late months of 1974, well before the term "no-frost-freezer" had entered the American lexicon, my Tappan Refrigerator-Freezer was born. I inherited it in 1996 and I knew from the beginning that it didn’t like me. It was responsible for numerous instances of freezer-burn and I am pretty sure that it ate half a tub of ice cream. For seven years we endured these little "border disputes" when finally my freezer made a full scale attack. After about a week of battle I defeated it. This battle was chronicled in the first movie in the installation – Salim Vs His Freezer.

Embittered by its defeat, my freezer bided its time while rebuilding its strength. A year later it struck setting the stage for the sequel in this series.

Like all sequels, the bad guy is bigger and badder – in this case, the ice was *quite* a bit thicker and now caked across all four sides instead of three like last time.

But, also like all sequels, bigger and better weapons are featured as well, namely the Euro-Pro Shark Super Steamer

Unlike the marathon weeklong battle that ensued last time, the Shark Steamer took care of even more ice in (just) under an hour!

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