Some brief thoughts on debates 1 and 3

Well, I just caught the third debate on TV then immediately watched the first from video off the internet (which I hadn’t seen yet) – I do want to watch the second at some point as well, but after three full hours of presidential debates… I am done for now!

Generally speaking, I think that Kerry did a better job of actually answering the questions asked. Bush relies much more on repetition, answering each and every question asked with the same answer – regardless if it made sense or not in order to drive home a point.

In the first debate, Dubya harped on the point that Kerry is a flip flopper. He worked it in every answer that he was resolute and that Kerry was a flip flopper.

In the third debate regardless of the question – Bush’s answer was education and "no child left behind". When asked about jobs and economic development – "no child left behind" was the answer. When asked about healthcare – "no child left behind" was the answer. When asked about raising the minimum wage – "no child left behind" was the answer…

Finally, in the conspiracy theory department, I thought this was pretty funny (this link too)… apparently, the story goes that in the first debate Dubya was wearing a wireless receiver and was being fed the answers by an offsite team of Republicans. After watching the first debate, this theory sure does answer a lot of questions…

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