Roads redux

While I am on the subject of the roads in the US vs. the UK – one huge pet peeve that I found while driving in the UK was that it seems cars can seemingly park on whatever curb they want to, even if this means that being parked on the side of the road means you are sticking way the hell out into the middle of the road. In fact in many places, if two cars were parked on opposite sides of the street, they would block enough of the road where it would become unusable. This has the effect of reducing many small 2 lane roads into windy single lanes where the various drivers have to decide, in a polite game of chicken, how best to navigate the resulting single lane without killing each other or sideswiping a parked car.

In the US, if there isn’t room on the road for a car to park *and* for traffic to pass through, we simply don’t allow cars to park there.

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