Looks kids, there’s parliament building and Big Ben…

I was driving around and for some reason (more often than usual) found myself in the incredibly annoying situation of being the only car in an empty intersection, but having to wait for a red light.

It made me think back to my time when I was driving in the UK and I am definitely now starting to realize the value of the roundabout. Assuming reasonable traffic, it means *never* having to stop for a light. Having an initially slightly more stressful road construct is a *small* price to pay for never having to stop at a red light.

I don’t know why they don’t build more of these in the US… well actually I do… they take more room to build and UK drivers, are consistently more considerate than the average US driver and the only place in the US where I’ve seen roundabouts (Boston), I was constantly fearing for my life because Boston drivers are assholes and everyone believed that *they* had the right of way…

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