Salim vs His Freezer

Before the defrosting process
Before the defrosting process
My freezer this morningMy freezer this morning, after picking out all of the ice

Well, I accomplished the *long* overdue task of defrosting my freezer. This was for two primary reasons – first, the amount of usable space in my freezer was absurdly low compared to what it should have been and second, because I wanted to eat a frozen pizza that had so much ice grown up around it that the pizza had become part of the freezer itself.

It was done in stages, I would turn off the fridge overnight and then empty the water that collected in the tray below the freezer, then turned it back on so as not to get too warm and ruin the food contained therein. I repeated this about 3 times and the fourth (last night) finally loosened the grip of the ice enough so that I could pick it out.

To celebrate, I ate that pizza.

Remnant ice in my sink
In addition to a few dirty dishes, I managed to fill the entire sink with ice formerly caked to my freezer walls

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