The child was learning about haikus in school (a haiku is a 3 line poem with 5 syllables on the first line, 7 on the second and 5 on the third)… I forgot how much fun it is to talk about the world in Haiku form! 🙂

On the older child’s soccer practice
A rite of passage
Happens to all in soccer
Got beaned in the head

On coaching the younger child’s soccer team for the first time
Team of 6 year olds
Kids run in all directions
What’s his name again?

On the weather
The thunder is loud
Sky is dark, outside is wet
Soccer is canceled

Listening to 9 year olds talk among themselves
So embarrassing
No longer can go outside
My mom just said “rad”

On Trump
Is no collusion
The Russia probe is a hoax
He said covfefe

On life
Sink is filling up
Dishes dishes everywhere
Dishwasher broken

The only things I say to my kids
Ok I heard you
Don’t make me come over there
Turn off your iPad

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