Some quick thoughts on the first Clinton/Trump debate

[sigh] The debate is over… a ridiculous amount of anticipation has left me feeling underwhelmed and empty. Overall, it was a pretty blah affair. Not a ton of excitement and very little new insight. It was entertaining marginally. It isn’t going to change anyone’s mind tho. The bases for both candidates are still affirmed that they chose the correct person and there wasn’t anything new or unique to sway the undecided voter.

Thoughts on the Hillary:

  • Man, she really is a robot
  • She needs to stop smiling… she had this freaky giant smile pasted on to her face for most of the time Trump was speaking
  • hillary teethhillary teeth
  • She’s not a great speaker, she didn’t sound natural or comfortable
  • Seriously tho, she needs to stop smiling… those teeth will haunt my dreams, she looks like the damn Joker
  • hillary teethhillary teethhillary teeth
  • Someone needs to get her some Metamucil, she looked constipated
  • Look what Trump is saying may be ridiculous, but oh my freaking hell, stop smiling!
  • hillary teethhillary teeth 3hillary teeth 2hillary teethhillary teeth 3hillary teeth 2

Thoughts on the Donald

  • He is definitely a better speaker, he sounds more comfortable and natural
  • He was very aggressive, he was cutting her off all the time and interrupting her. For the most part, Hillary didn’t seem to know how to deal with it – especially early on it definitely kept her off balance
  • And, she just wasn’t able to counter. She tried to cut him off once and was bitch-slapped horribly. That was actually painful to watch
  • Oops, it’s half an hour into the election and Trump’s website is down!

hillary's site vs. donald's

Thoughts on the both of them

  • The quality of the questions was bad. They failed to draw out the distinctions between the candidates and it was only in the interchange where you saw any of that appear
  • 2 minutes is too long for them to speak at a time – it gives them both way too much rope to basically say “thank you for the question. I am just going to go and say whatever the hell I want now.” You lose track of what they are saying and what the question actually was
  • Trump had a stronger opening – the first half hour/forty-five minutes he came off much better. He was restrained, made good points and sounded solid
  • Hillary finally got her footing in the back half. Especially once the conversation turned to national security, she started making points and was starting to sound more knowledgeable than him. Frankly, in terms of raw knowledge, she should have been able to wipe the floor with him on all questions and it was a major miss by her that she wasn’t able to do this
  • As she found her footing, he starting to get a little more, shall we say Trumpy. His whoppers started getting bigger and started going off on tangents. Seriously, “I have a winning temperament”?? You can’t just say shit and have it be true

While the debates are great political theater, I have to think that everyone has made up their mind by now. Seriously, who are you, mysterious “undecided voter”… I have one question for you – what are you, stupid? Are you paying attention at all?? The 2 candidates are so completely different, there is no place where you could be debating between them… you either love one or hate the other or both.

3 more debates and 41 days weeks left before election day!

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