Saw this at McDonalds yesterday

Saw this at a McDonald’s drive through yesterday…

McDonalds kiosk

So what? Crashed kiosks aren’t terribly uncommon, but I found this message telling:

Floppy disk fault

A computer with a 333 MHz processor is probably as old as most of the employees at that store (remember computers are measured in GIGA Hertz these days, factor of a thousand more than MEGA). And wait, a floppy drive?? I was pretty convinced that was a technology that my kids would never ever see in the wild for themselves.

The fact that a fundamental part of the fast food experience (the drive-thru) is being entrusted to equipment this old is proof that computers have been “good enough” for a long time now and that increases in computing power is bring increasingly marginal benefits.

This is all the more funny because I know that McDonalds was on a big digital kick, hiring at SXSW 2 years back and rolling out apps and giant touchscreen ordering at some of their stores.

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