The Loser Debate – thoughts

I missed the original airing of the Undercard Debate (i.e. the Loser Debate), but gotta love the Internet, by the time the main debate finished, someone had uploaded the entire thing to YouTube.

This one didn’t do any favors for anyone either.

Droopy Dog (Lindsey Graham) freaked me out because that guy is definitely going to start a war, his summary mantra was nothing but “fight fight fight!”

Piyush “Bobby” Jindal has to realize that stating “I am tired of the hyphenated Americans” makes him look like the most un-self-aware person out there.

I am finding the the ongoing #BobbyJindalIsSoWhite chain on twitter (best of sampling here) so much more hilarious now!

And holy hell, “Immigration without assimilation is invasion”??? That’s a really fucked up view of this country that anyone who doesn’t immediately join the Borg collective should be expelled with extreme prejudice.

Look, as a fellow second-generation Indian-American I don’t have the strong connection to the motherland that my parents do and I know that my kids will view India as someplace that their family came from a long time ago. But for me to pretend that I was raised in a household which operated under the with the norms of the majority of Americans is just ludicrous. America is all about diversity and frankly to think that this is upbringing is somehow not-American is frankly insulting.

Carly is supposed to be the winner of this one, but she came off as trying to hard with her gratuitously dropping of names.

Based on this performance alone, I did walk away with a better impression of Rick Perry. Of this bunch he did seem the most “Presidential”. Everything is relative and please realize that “better” is still not a “good”… he is still an idiot.

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