LG G Watch R – Day 3

Ok this is annoying, I was *sure* that I set an alarm for this morning on the watch but not sure if i did it wrong or just slept through it. Will need to play with this.

Not sure what the issue was yesterday, but I finally got it connected to my phone (just had to “forget” the connection then reconnect).

As I mentioned previously, I love getting my phone’s notifications on my watch… but let me tell you, man there are a *lot* of notifications showing up here. Should be better after I cull the useless ones.

The battery seems to last about a day and a half to two days. The funny thing is, I wish it was a little longer (obviously) or (more realistically) am ok if it was a little shorter. After a day’s use, I have ~75% life left, which makes me think that I can let it go another day before charging. This is not correct, after the night and the next day i am dead by noon. It definitely can’t go 2 days even though it seems like it should (initially).

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