Finally making the leap to a new cell phone

While I love my phone (the original Palm Pre on Sprint), it is feeling very long in the tooth and I am dying for something new. After all this HP madness it is pretty clear that the Pre 3 is never going to see the light of day and so I have to open myself up to trying out something new.

While there are so many options out there for cell phone OSs, there is not a lot that is really jumping out at me… I have minimal experience with any of these but these are my initial impressions…

  • Symbian has always struck me as generally intuitive, everything makes sense and it is pretty easy to navigate (for a techie guy like me at least), but overall it doesn’t look like it has really kept up with the market. Anyways, it’s going to die soon so no sense in even going there…
  • Meego seems to be reviewed well, but will soon die too
  • Bada? Hahaha, come on now!
  • RIM is a sinking ship, they’re not going to be around in 5 years
  • Android feel like a little too much like a computer on a phone (i.e. a not terrible version of Windows CE/Windows Mobile)
  • iOS feels like joining the Borg
  • Windows Phone is the only one which seems intriguing – it’s a fundamental rethinking of the Phone interface

So I will pick up the HTC Arrive as it was the only Windows Phone that Sprint carried and one of the few with a physical keyboard.

More thoughts to come…

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