Osama bin laden dead? Do you buy it??

I will admit that I haven’t been spending as much time listening to fringe media as I have been (you know, the real “tin foil hat” guys)… I dunno, things just haven’t been the same since Alex Jones’ broadcast became overpowered by the Hispanic rock station. However, in light of recent news, I will have to say that I am pretty damn disappointed with the fringe’s apparent acceptance of the assertion that Osama Bin Laden is dead.

Immediately after 911, conspiracy theories abounded. I still have yet to find any theory with any entertainment value whatsoever about how Bin Laden is not dead. I mean, come on! Burial at sea? Not showing the picture of his dead body? Relying on the word of the *government*?? How do we *really* know that Bin Laden isn’t really living in some villa in the Seychelles on a US government paycheck in the sane complex with Donald Trump??

The fringe has disappointed me…

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