The end of an era

This is the first time that I have spent a significant amount of time paying attention to a presidential inauguration. And while part of it has to do with being on vacation on the 20th, I am actually quite surprised at the level of excitement and optimism that I now again feel in this country. I think the feeling was best stated in a facebook status I saw somewhere that stated this person “feels like America is the good guy again.”

It is however, the end of an era. Salim’s World came into existence at almost exactly the same time that Dubya was elected. While I am looking forward to a world where we will no longer have to buy kits when traveling abroad, I am going to miss the random snarky/obnoxious posts about the man.

Most tragically of all, my Bush-monkey rotating pic on the right, while hilarious, is indeed now tragically out of date and will need to be replaced. While I am at it, I do realize that the campaign banners need to go too… and the poll needs to be updated…

Any suggestions???

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