State of politics

I was pretty bummed to hear, shortly after our return to the US, that Joe Biden’s candidacy for the presidency was at an end. I am no longer “sidin’ with Biden” as he has lost his “Mo-Joe” and wasn’t able to keep up his “Joe-mentum.” (these are all real taglines – dude, I can’t make up stuff that is so cheesy. Apologies to Lieberman for the requisitioning of “Joe-mentum”).

While Biden was a long shot, I am now placing all my hopes on my man, McCain – I am hopeful as he is still on top of the Republican polls in New Hampshire, tho not by a lot.

Finally, I am very disappointed with all y’all’s lack of support for Dennis Kucinich and Alan Keyes in my poll to the right. If we do not support our fringe candidates, who is going to tell us (with a straight face) to abolish the income tax or withdraw from NAFTA and the WTO??


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