Japanese people are crazy!

We spent 4 days in Japan on our way to India over the holidays, some thoughts…

  • I was surprised at how many many chunky people (especially girls) I saw walking around. Guess I have an incorrect stereotype of how petite Japanese people are.
  • Speaking of chunky… It’s funny, that considering how much more advanced the Japanese cell phone market is from the US, functionality and capability-wise, the Japanese cell phones seemed positively chunky compared to an average US phone. Americans value size over functionality while the Japanese make the opposite trade-off.
  • It is an amazingly orderly society… some examples come to mind
    • No matter how large the crowd of people that merges onto an escalator, by the time you have traveled 2 steps, people who prefer to stand have all merged to one side allowing an aisle for those who prefer to walk.
    • I find it amazing that the the “busiest intersection in the world” at Shibuya *ever* clears out!
  • At the sightseeing and shopping places, there are no freaking place to sit… no benches or chairs or anything anywhere!!
  • It is amazing that the country is so clean… there is *no* trash anywhere! Ironically, there are no trash cans anywhere either (maybe the occasional recycling bin) – I have no idea where all the trash goes.
  • People wearing facemasks in public is freaky.
  • The Oedo line at Shinjuku is built so deep in the bowels of the earth that you really think that if you go any deeper you will be knocking on Satan’s front door.
  • It is pretty funny that given the tons of vending machines everywhere, I didn’t see a single one that served any food item.
  • The hand air dryers in the bathrooms pump out some serious air power! Your hands dry out in mere seconds, it’s awesome!
  • At every toilet I used, they didn’t have toilet paper but sandpaper. I don’t know what those Japanese butts are made of… this is especially ironic given…
  • My opinion on the butt squirter in the toilet evolved over the course of the week…
    • This is just weird
    • I couldn’t figure out how to turn the damn thing off
    • Man this is really strange
    • How do they know how to aim the thing so well?
    • Dude, I could *totally* get used to this!
  • Really, I shouldn’t be surprised, while not as high-tech, the butt squirter concept is common in India as well from the pretty nice to the super ghetto.

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