Women are from Venus and men are from a place that’s *soo* much farther away

It absolutely boggles my mind how two people can look at the same thing and yet fixate on *completely* different aspects of it.

The best are the ads in these women’s magazines (and just for the record, this is something that I have only been exposed to since marriage!). The following is a representative sample, but there are tons like it… take a look:

Longchamp purse ad

Take a quick look at this ad… now do a gut check… what is the first thing that you focused on?

If you are a woman, you likely would have said the purse. Seriously guys, the women are looking at the *purse*. When my wife tried to point out the purse to *me* the first time, I stared blankly at her, “Purse, what purse? Oh you mean that thing blocking the naked chick!”

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