Let’s sexualize the world!

For those of you that remember Mahir, the Turkish stud, one of my study groupmates has pointed me towards another visionary in the same vein.

It would be easy to dismiss Günther and his quest to "sexualize the world" as childish teen-fantasy drivel, but to do so would be to overlook the true brilliance that is Günther.

I urge you to check out his videos immediately… the classic is the Ding Dong Song but Tutti Frutti Summerlove is creeping up as my personal favorite (there is nothing more than a strong PG-13 rating there, but probably still not the best thing to pull up at work ;).

Sexy Gunther
The gratuitous use of white boy-shorts and creative use of fruit (bananas and melons of course) juxtaposed against insightful lyrics such as “honey, you’re so cute, this is the land of bitter fruit. Bananas, melones, yeah!” showcase the true brilliance of Günther. And really, most importantly, how can you resist the sexual dynamo that is *Günther*!

Go to Gunthernet.com and click on "Video" to find out why, when you thought Sweden could do no more damage to the world music scene than Ace of Base, you were horribly horribly wrong…

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