Funny Names

So the other day, Mumtaz brings home a flyer or something with the name "Vanderdonk" on it. I remember thinking "that is a really funny name." It stuck in my head… after a couple of days, it would just pop up randomly… …and Bendix managed the growth of the new division to produce electronic fuel injectors by hiring… Vanderdonk…???

Well after a week or so, it started to morph, Vanderdonk became Vanderhouse… and that triggered a brain spasm… it reminded me of another funny name that I had heard of but *just* couldn’t place… Vanderhouse and Brigliano… no that wasn’t quite right… played with a few more variations in my head… then I came up with it! Vanderhout and Brigagliano!! That was it!!

What the hell is it???

I knew that this pair of goofy names meant something… there was a spark there *somewhere*… it was too poingnant in my head for it not to… but I just couldn’t place it… what the *hell* is vanderhout and brigagliano??

Are they characters from a movie? Nope, that didn’t seem right. Is it a brand of soap? Who the hell would name soap, vanderhout and brigagliano. Is it a species of flower…???

Day after day it grows on me… it pops into my head more and more often… this pair of funny names that obviously mean something. It is really starting to piss me off, I must find out what this means…

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