Targeted emails

This totally cracks me up… I received the following email today…

Dear sir,
Greetings in the name of Allah, the most beneficent,the most merciful. My name is Mrs Halima Abdulahi Mohammed, a widow to Late Mr Hassan A. Mohammed I am 74years old, Presently I am suffering from long time cancer of the breast, […going to die, don’t have any kids… yada, yada, yada…] My late husband was very wealthy and after his death, I inherited all his business and wealth, […still going to die… yada, yada, yada…]

So now i have decided to divide part of this wealth,to contribute to the propagation of Islam and in assisting the less-privileged Muslim faithful and all humanity in Africa and through out the Muslim world,

Wait.. wait… the best part is coming up…

I chose you after visiting the website and I prayed over it,


I discussed this with my Attorney,Barrister Alwal Sadique.I am willing to donate part of the sum of US$18,000,000.00 (Eighteen Million US Dollars) for the development of the hollywork as well as a distribution to aid muslim faithfuls and also for the less privileged, including orphans who lost their mothers through this deadly illness [cancer] no matter their faith.

Because it’s clear from my site that I am a Muslim faithful that does lots of this type of charity work.

Please I want you to note that, this fund is deposited in a Security Company in Dubai,United Arab Emirate (UAE). For that, my lawyer Barrister Alwal Sadique will file in application for the transfer of the money in your name as you wish provided you are ready to use part of this money for this purpose. You will therefore have to travel to Dubai, to sign for the official release of this money as well as advice on how you want the money remitted to you own account. my Attorney will acompany you on this trip.

Lastly I honestly pray that this money when transferred will be used for the said purpose because I have come to find out that wealth acquisition without Allah is vanity upon vanity.for this reason I have decided to set-aside 40% of this money for the service of humanity and the work of Allah.

May the Grace of Allah be our guide and be my refuge when i leave this world. Moreso,I decided to offer you 30% While 20% will be transfered to the account of my Lawyer, Barrister Alwal Sadique as compensation after successful conclusion. The remaining 10% is to cover the expenses […]

Yours in Allah,
Mrs Halima Abdulahi Mohamed.

Wait, now I’m confused, I thought *I* was going to be doing the charity work… why is she setting aside the extra 40% for? Frankly, I am a little hurt, she has *clearly* done her due diligence when she chose me… she even prayed on it!

Oh well, the next time I am in Dubai, I will be sure to follow up on this fantastic opportunity to help my Muslim brothers!

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